31. 08. 2014
Jazel (Nightingale) il'Kaleb

Chapter Three, Scene One: Jazel (Nightingale) il’Kaleb

After working with a friend (thanks Ayrosa) on revising chapter one, I finally was able to get chapter three fully completed. This chapter is very intense, and begins to set things in motion for...

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22. 08. 2014

Chapter Two, Scene One: Laiyana Barque

  I’ve decided to reveal another scene of the book celebrating my milestone of reaching the first 25 pages of the first draft of the Stave and the Shroud. This is my favorite character in the book....

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13. 08. 2014

Chapter one, scene one: Teren Barque

It’s been a while since I’ve last written, but I have an announcement to make (on my birthday). Here it is: I have finished Chapter 1 of The Stave and the Shroud! *air punch* My...

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